Random Stuff

This page contains some clips of me doing Standup comedy, a book I was published in and even a commercial or two that I was in. It’s a Catch all of other stuff I do besides copywriting


Other Random A$$ Stuff

I love writing copy, but sometimes I like to do other stuff. Here's some other stuff I done did.


Stand UP Comedy at THE improv

Video of me doing standup comedy. I'm trying to be multi-dimensional. So here's another dimension. You're welcome.


Hey I got published

I wrote at a story for a book that got published called OUT ON THE EDGE: America's Rebel Comics

Screen Shot 2018-08-19 at 5.00.26 PM.png

Before I decided i wanted to make commercials, I was in some. .

Here's a commercial I was in for I got to help with the copy because the copywriter was like "umm what are male cheerleaders and why do they exist?" Aren't you just overwhelmed by all the dimensions, I know that I am.